How Hard is Local SEO?

How hard is local SEO exactly? Well, let me inform you, new friends.

First things first, local SEO is not a whole lot different from regular SEO, except for the fact that you are working with local businesses like limo drivers, carpet cleaners, repairmen, contractors, etc, etc, etc, which means that there is a lot less competition and people that know what they are doing.

This is what attracts most people to the field of local SEO since the majority of other products and services that are being promoted online are much more competitive. While this is a good thing, there are also some other differences to be noted.

For one thing, local marketing/SEO requires you to build relationships with business owners and prove to them that you have a skill worth them investing in, which is obviously way different than sitting at your computer all day implementing SEO strategies. You have to get comfortable in speaking and networking situations, and really become a person of value whereas online, you can get away with not having to meet people in person and manage an account for them each month.

This is usually the hardest part for most people, and the thing that will make them turn right back around to head towards regular marketing and SEO.

Overall, local SEO is simply skill set you can invest in to help owners of brick-and-mortar companies that includes knowing how to network and marketing yourself. This alone is what makes local SEO seem difficult to most, but in my opinion, it’s one of the best ways to start a business online that will surely pay you month after month for years to come, and you can’t always say that about most other online models.